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Rowlett Family Association

The Rowlett Family Association is the main family involvement, community outreach, and fundraising organization for the Rowlett Academies. The RFA has approximately 20 committees (including sub-committees) whose members are made up of Rowlett's parents, former Rowlett parents, community members, and staff.
RFA serves both the Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication and the Rowlett Middle Academy. Please visit the RFA site here:
Interested in serving on a Committee? Contact the Chairperson(s):
Costumes Cathy Baudrit
Sponsorship  Christina Weber
Holiday Gift Shop
Cassie Timmons
Carol Holmes
Golf Tournament Erin Novarro
Kelleigh Gorski
Michelle Raina
Kim Tussinger
Families Helping Families Linda Tobiassen
Family Fun Dru Wallace
Staff Appreciation
Erin Novarro
Meghan Schulte
The Mittens Project Beth Grogan
Paparazzi Parents Jeni Scheid
Box Tops Christina Weber
Cookie Dough Meghan Schulte