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Mrs. Kolbe and Ms. Sarah want to welcome back to all or our amazing readers at Rowlett!!!  Hopefully, you had a chance to do some reading during our summer break.  The books in the library have missed you.  We are getting ready to open the Media Center and it is going to have a new and exciting look this year.  All of our readers will be checking out their books at our brand new tiki hut.  We also have a cozy reading area to curl up and in and read, and a wall-sized aquarium mural that is being painted as we speak.  One other exciting feature that has been added to our Media Center is an Inquiry Center that is full of all kinds of interesting things to touch and investigate.  Our inquiring minds want to know about - EVERYTHING!  It is going to be a great year to,  learning about new and interesting things and traveling to new places.  Can’t wait to see you in the Media Center.