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The Science of Reading refers to more than two decades of research that reading experts and cognitive scientists have conducted on how we learn to read. Rowlett Academy uses the knowledge of this research to help drive the Reading Instruction we provide for our students.


The Science of Reading Simply Put:

Decoding of Text x Comprehension of Language = Reading to gain meaning


In grades K-2 we provide explicit and systematic instruction to help students master the decoding side of the equation. During our time with this instruction, we focus on their Phonological Awareness, Phonics Knowledge, and give them opportunities to practice these skills and build their Fluency inside decodable texts.


For the Language Comprehension side of the equation, we focus on building their oral language skills through content-rich Read Alouds. The Science of Reading research shows that reading comprehension increases when students have background knowledge about a topic. The Read Aloud provided for students serves to build students' Vocabulary and Background Knowledge of crucial science and Social Studies concepts, History, and great literature.  Students are given opportunities to interact with the text by expressing their understanding of what we are reading as a class in multiple ways. We are super excited because this piece gives us an opportunity to not only increase their reading skills but also integrate the arts with them as much as possible in order to help them make the reading come alive inside the classroom.


In Grade 3-5 students enhance the decoding side of the equation and build independence and confidence as a reader by applying the decoding skills they learned in K-2 to content-rich literature. The literature we will be reading together will give students an opportunity to build background knowledge of crucial science and Social Studies concepts, History, and great literature, while developing and practicing necessary Reading Comprehension skills needed for proficient reading.