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Principal's Message

Welcome to Rowlett Academy!
We are the premier choice for all Kindergarten through Grade 5 students in Manatee County. The faculty and staff at Rowlett Academy pride themselves on providing an engaging, student-centered and rigorous academic environment that focuses on the whole child.
Every student at Rowlett has the same teacher for 2 years. This allows our staff to form a deep relationship and understanding between their students and their families. Our leadership program uses the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as the core and our school has been recognized as an official Lighthouse School.
As an Arts and Communication School, every student participates in some sort of Dance, Drama, Chorus, Art, Technology, Strings, Film, Spanish, and Physical Education class. Once our students reach Grade 4 they can choose a focus area in one of these disciplines to further advance their skills and understanding.
Rowlett Academy is also fortunate to have an incredibly supportive, energetic, and focused parent community. Our parents are deeply involved in every aspect of the school and are totally vested in the success of every child at Rowlett.
Thank you for visiting our site. I encourage you to contact our webmaster at [email protected] if you have any suggestions for website improvement. If you have questions about how to join the Rowlett Family please email our Registrar at [email protected]

Chuck Fradley, EdD.