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Mrs. Corbett's Biography

Monica Corbett

Mentoring Program Director, Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication
Kid’s Bank Coordinator, Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication

Monica Corbett is a retired teacher with 35 years of experience in education for Manatee County. She was one of the core group of founding teachers who started and helped create the vision, determine procedures and curriculum, and develop programs for Rowlett prior to its opening. She taught second and third grade at Rowlett until her retirement. 

Career Commitments/Accomplishments include:

As a Nationally Board certified teacher (Early Childhood/Generalist, K-5), Monica Corbett served as a Manatee County School District mentor for new district teachers enrolled in ACE (Alternative Certification for Educators) through the Teaching Skills Assessment Program (TSAP). Additionally, Mrs. Corbett served as a supervising teacher for the University of South Florida Education Program interns.

While at Rowlett she served as: a community liaison/coordinator for programs and projects affiliated with Kidʼs Bank; a second /third grade-level team leader; a director for science exhibitions and presentations; a representative on technology, science, and literacy teams; and as the school science coordinator. 

Monica Corbett received recognition as the Manatee County School District Teacher of the Year (1996/1997); as the Bradenton Herald’s Newspapers in Education Teacher of the Year (1997), and served as the teacher representative on the Manatee County Schools Foundation board.

After her retirement, Mrs. Corbett continued her support of Rowlett by assisting in the writing of Rowlett Academy’s Charter application. She was asked to maintain her commitment to mentoring by serving as a mentor coach for new teachers to Rowlett Academy.  Monica Corbett has carried on her work as a coordinator for the school’s Kid’s Bank program, as well.