Zoli Miller » Welcome to Rowlett, Kindergarteners!

Welcome to Rowlett, Kindergarteners!

Welcome to our class! We are so excited to have you a part of our Rowlett family! We look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you over the next TWO years. 
We dare you to be an active participant in your child’s education. Your role in your child’s education is of utmost importance. Together, we will begin to nurture a love for learning and expose them to infinite opportunities to grow into lifelong learners.

You are always welcome in our classroom. We have an open door policy which allows you to visit and help out in our classroom whenever you can. Not to mention the children love having family members in the classroom.

We believe every child encompasses their own unique gifts that contribute to the way they think, understand and learn. There is no single method in which a child learns. We embrace the different learning styles that exist in our classroom and adapt our teaching in order to provide optimal learning for each one of our students.