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Kindergarten Handbook


Please know your child’s safety is the most important thing. I like to make sure I know exactly how they are going home from school each day. If your child is riding the bus to or from school and you are unsure of what their bus number is, please contact the office at (941) 708-6100.

Students will also have a tag attached to the outside of their backpack with their name and the way that they go home. This will allow for any staff member to see and help your child should any confusion arise.

If you plan to pick up your child or you wish for your child to go home a different way, you must send a written note and put it in your child’s binder or contact the office at (941) 708-6100. Please do not rely on your child to tell us this information, because children often become confused and relay information incorrectly. If no written note or phone call is received, your child will be sent home by his/her usual way.



Morning Procedure and Arrival

Should your child arrive to school early in the morning, they are to go to Flynn Hall and the grades will be dismissed accordingly.

The kiddos should be in class and ready to start our day at 8:20am. If they arrive later than that, they are tardy. More than 3 tardies in a quarter will make students ineligible for Leader of the Month and Effort Honor Roll.

Magic Notebooks:

The Magic Notebook is a three-ring binder that students use each day to help them develop organizational skills and responsibility. This three-ring notebook has everything that students and parents need to stay up to date on what is going on at school.


The Magic Notebook should be emptied nightly of any notes and papers. You will find important information such as contact numbers, monthly calendar with daily behavior marked on it, class schedule and class list. Also, in the binder placed in a folder in the rings of the notebook will be your child’s weekly homework packet. You may keep the homework in that folder throughout the week so both you and your child know exactly where to find it.

The Magic Notebook should come to school each day along with any notes, money, and other important things you want me to receive. Please make sure all money is in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and purpose for the money (ie: Scholastic Book Order, field trip, lunch etc).


Snacks and Water Bottles

Students should bring a small, healthy snack each day. Please do not send in candy, cookies, cake, chips, fruit cups or applesauce. Please do not send in juice for snack.

Students are allowed to bring a water bottle to school every day…this should ONLY be filled with water. Please NO Tervis cups nor bottles with a wide spout or caps.



Birthdays are wonderful! Simple treats may be sent to school (or brought in to the classroom by you) on your child’s birthday. Birthday treats are appreciated but certainly not expected.

Please send a note ahead of time, so that we can coordinate if there are multiple birthdays in one day. We typically celebrate birthdays toward the end of our day. If your child has a summer birthday, we will be celebrating their birthday at the end of the school year.

Suggestions include mini cupcakes, donut holes, or cookies. Please do not bring in anything homemade; store bought only.


Parent Volunteers:

Parent Volunteers are always welcomed and much needed! Volunteers may do the following things: assist in special projects, help take down or put up bulletin boards, cutting out materials, classroom parties, field trips, and providing extra help to students.

In order to volunteer in the classroom, field trips, and working with students, volunteers are required to take Rowlett’s Parent Volunteer Training. For training opportunities please contact the front office.

I understand that you may not be able to volunteer in the classroom, but there are things that you can help with from home, if you choose.

Please fill out the questionnaire that was included in the Open House packet and return in your child’s binder.

Classroom volunteers will not be needed until September 10th, as this will allow the children to adjust to their new routines, and school environment.

Should your schedule or availability to volunteer change throughout the year please let me know so we can work together to plan accordingly.



Any donations are appreciated throughout the school year. If you have any questions about what we are in need of at a specific time in the school year please feel free to send a note in your child’s Magic Notebook or email me.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity.


A/B Schedule and Differentiation Time

This year as a school we will be on an A/B schedule…nothing will change except when we have Spanish, some weeks we will have Spanish 2x a week, others 3x a week. We will also be having differentiation time which will be when we focus on additional support for all students’ individual needs.

Our class has Differentiation on A days and Spanish on B days.

If we have Spanish, we will not have differentiation time. When we have differentiation time, we will not have Spanish. Schedule

Arts.Com is our specials. The students will rotate specials classes every 10 days. Here is our rotation:

8/13-8/23: PE

8/24-9/5: Art

9/6-9/18: Drama

9/19-9/28: Strings

10/1 – 10/10: Dance

10/11-10/24: Technology

10/25-11/5: Music

11/6-11/16: PE

Tennis Shoes/Sneakers are suggested for PE! 


Lunch/Recess (Lunch 11:45-12:05, Recess 12:05-12:25)

You are always welcome to eat lunch with your child. Please remember to sign in at the office. The only time our lunchtime will change is if we have an assembly. I will try to notify you ahead of time.

Your child is able to choose 1 friend to eat with you or you may choose to eat with your child alone. You may bring a special lunch or enjoy the school lunch with them in Rowlie’s Café, outside at the picnic tables, or the Butterfly Garden.

Please remember that good behavior is expected anywhere on the school campus, therefore, running around the courtyard or butterfly garden and playing on the outside stage is not allowed, due to school safety.

At the end of our lunchtime, please bring your child or children who are with you to the cafeteria to meet back with their class before heading to their recess location.


Classroom Management: 

I believe in having high expectations for the children to follow classroom rules. I will help each child understand the reasons behind our Classroom Rules. It is imperative for every child to have the opportunity to learn and succeed at to his/her highest potential. Therefore, I strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the children. Our classroom is a place to work together, play together, and live as a team/family.


Our Classroom Rules:

We have 4 main classroom rules. These rules are:

1.We take care of ourselves.

2.We take care of each other.

3.We take care of our school.

4.We take care of our world.

As the year begins, we will learn what each of these rules mean and what these rules look like.


Behavior Chart

I believe that a child should receive recognition for working hard and making good choices. Sometimes we don’t always have our best days and that is absolutely okay. If a student does not do what is expected then I give them a warning. If the behavior continues then they will move their color to yellow. Furthermore, if this behavior still continues to happen the student will move their color to red and will have some think time while reflecting on their behavior. If your child does go home with a yellow or a red light I will communicate the reason via the Magic Notebook binder or I will be giving you a call. Students always have the opportunity to move their color back up the chart throughout the day.



The purpose of homework is to extend learning outside the classroom. It also provides a reinforcement of skills taught in the classroom and aids in building responsibility. In addition, it provides the opportunity for you, as the parent, to see what our child is learning in class.

You will find your child’s weekly homework packet in a folder in their Magic Notebook each Monday. The homework packet is due the following Monday. Missing more than 3 homework assignments…NOT packets…in a quarter will make your kiddo ineligible for Leader of the Month and Effort Honor Roll.


Rewards and Positive Recognition:

Children can earn beads in their bucket when they earn individual compliments, get caught making good choices, going above and beyond, etc. At the end of the month, we will count their beads and choose items from a special treasure box!

Cooperatively working together as a team allows your child’s team to earn points. At the end of the week the team with the most points will earn special recognition.

In addition, as a class, we collect compliments (caught making good choices, walking in line nicely, compliments from teachers, etc.) throughout the year. Once a certain number of compliments have been received, the class will have a small celebration.

Class work, and wearing their uniform everyday allows the children to attend “Rowdy Rowlie Rally”. These are just a few of the rewards and positive recognitions your child will receive throughout the school year.


Kindergarten Curriculum:

Our Kindergarten Day includes the following subject areas: Language Arts with Social Studies and Science integrated, Math, Differentiation Time (2-3 days a week), Spanish (2-3 days a week in the classroom) and (Rotated on a 2-week basis and includes Dance, Technology, Music, P.E, Art, Drama, and Strings). I will be sure to let you know when your kiddo has P.E. so that you know to send your child in tennis shoes and with a water bottle.

All subject areas are taught in different ways in order to reach the unique and different ways in which we all learn. There will be many hands on opportunities for your child as we explore the world of kindergarten. I look forward to going on this adventure with you and your child!


Reading and Writing Workshop: 

Language Arts includes Reading Readiness, Writing, Handwriting, Phonemic Awareness, and Phonics. Language Arts is taught with the integration of science, social studies, the Writing Road to Reading Program, Handwriting Without Tears Program, and Lucy Calkins Writing/Reading Units of Study. During this time we will combine shared reading, oral language, guided reading, independent reading, writing, science, and social studies to meet the needs of all kindergartners.


Science and Social Studies:

Science is taught using the National Geographic series. This science series focuses on six areas at the kindergarten level. We will study Plants, Animals, Earth’s Land, Air and Water, Weather, and Objects Around Us.

Social Studies lessons taught will focus on the student and how they relate to others in their families, classroom, school, and community. The activities will help the children focus their natural curiosity for the world around them.


Math Workshop:

Math is taught using the Go Math program. The students will be introduced to a variety of mathematical skills using various hands on activities, cooperative learning activities, group work, and oral exercises.

Kindergarten will be using two computer programs called, I-Station and IXL to help students achieve their academic goals in Reading and Math. Please download the apps and make use of the programs. More information to come. Thank you!