Sponsor a Staff Day Off with Pay!

One of the most exciting items at our gala has long been a "Day Off with Pay" for our teachers! It has been a great way for one of our families to give back to their amazing teacher. The only downfall? It was only available to ONE family, for ONE teacher at each gala!

So, this year, we're expanding this opportunity so that more families can give back! And... we're including every staff member on campus! AND you can purchase even if you aren't attending the gala!!!

For a flat donation of $300, you can sponsor "A Day Off with Pay" for someone who has had a positive impact on your child(ren). You are welcome to go in with others, as long as one payment is submitted. (In other words, if you take up a collection, that is great, but one $300 payment must be submitted). Think of it as an early "Staff Appreciation" option!

Feeling generous but can't decide who to pick? Buy a "Random Staff Member" spot and we'll have a drawing after this sign-up closes to provide a "gift" to any staff member not already sponsored.

Now, it will be limited to ONE day per staff member, but we're confident you'll find someone to sponsor! Act fast for your first choice!

Here's how it will work:

1) "Claim" your staff member.

2) Submit a check or cash to the front office by February 19th to secure their day off! Be sure to include "Day Off: _________ (staff name)" in your memo line and/or on your envelope.

This opportunity is available for both Rowlett Academy and Rowlett Middle Academy!

RA: https://tinyurl.com/RAElemStaff

RMA: https://tinyurl.com/RMAStaff

Thank you for your consideration!